Photographer’s Statement

Burt- Solomon-Photography©

Looking back over my work, my photographic interests have ranged from landscapes, large as well as intimate, to cityscapes, “street photography” to ordinary things that catch my eye as unusual, interesting, ironic or humorous images. I try to keep alert to the unexpected, a variable mixture of light and dark, form and color, emotion, excitement, calm and moodiness that might produce a photograph worth looking at. Composition as well as people’s gestures often catch my eye.

Visually striking images can be found almost everywhere, if you are alert to them. I have been fortunate in finding them in many places. I see form and composition through my camera lens, capture the image on film or digitally, and from that create my photographs.

Through my photos, I share what I see with the hope of encouraging others to see things that excite them where they least expect it. The unexpected and variable mixture of the things that go into a photograph are all around us. They are wonderful to see and explore and exciting to capture.

I prefer to look at photos without being directed to a viewpoint by a title. With rare exceptions, I have not given titles my photographs. Instead, I identify them by location and year, and invite viewers to form their own perceptions of what they see.  My own perceptions are already embedded in the photos. Titles rarely help.

Burt Allen Solomon
June 2016

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